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My son has Doose Syndrome and has had a steady year. Since we started the CBD treatment he has become another person. He is alert, has good reflexes and responds well to stimuli. He is able to play with his sister and other children in the park, in the pool, etc… Everyday he surprises us by telling us that he is no longer ill, we can see how happy he is… imagine how happy we are!!
Carmen R.
We have discovered psoriasis on my 8-year-old son. He has some lesions on his legs, and after several treatments with creams suggested by his pediatrician and dermatologist, we did not see any improvement. After using the CBD cream however, I have seen that his wounds have improved a lot. He started with 10 spots on his legs and now there are only 3 left, which were the biggest ones. I was afraid to use this type of treatment on my son but I’ve seen that his skin has improved a lot. “
As a doctor, I am convinced that we need to offer this treatment to more patients. I have seen substantial improvements in other people using this treatment and I can see how it effective it is
Ekaitz Aguirregoitia Marcos
After a long time of suffering from neck and back pains, Maurice decided to start a cannabinoid-based therapy. He is being treated with CBD oil to try and relieve his discomfort. Now he continues playing basketball without pain.
Back Pain Testimony